Office of Commercialization and Industry Collaboration (OCIC)

博士纪念奖学基金. 安德鲁·E. 伯德

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New Processes for OCIC and Technology Transfer

Dear USA Principal Investigators and Inventors:

的 Office of Commercialization and Industry Collaboration (OCIC) is instituting new procedures to better protect the Intellectual Property (IP) you are discovering and creating here at the 十大彩票网投平台.  Please remember the following procedures for submitting and handling potential IP: 

  1. Always submit new discoveries, 研究, or potential publications to OCIC via the 发明家门户.  Please submit the disclosure as early as possible to give us time to properly review and protect the disclosed IP.  如果你没有账户 the 发明家门户, you may request one at:

  2. Communicate only with OCIC staff (不是外部律师) regarding your disclosure, patent application, or patent documents.  通过 our office keeps all parties aligned, allows you to focus on 研究, and helps controls 成本.  We will always keep you updated and in the loop.

  3. When speaking with companies or potential collaborators, please keep OCIC updated.  We can provide support, forms, and nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) to protect these 通信.

In summary, the OCIC is here to support you and protect the university's IP.  的 more involved we are, the more help we can provide.  上述程序 are meant to expedite the IP disclosure and protection processes.  我们真的很感激 your assistance and are happy to discuss any questions you may have.


J. 猎人亚当斯



的 OCIC is responsible for managing the intellectual property assets of the University of 南 Alabama, while also serving as the point of contact for industry collaboration 合作伙伴.  We orchestrate the cooperation between university, industry and government stakeholders to develop faculty inventions into products on the market. 虽然专利 inventions constitute the majority of OCIC’s licensing activities, we also handle copyright, Tangible 研究 Property, 材料转让协议, and Confidential 信息披露协议. 



披露 your invention is just the beginning of the path to commercialization.


Request transfer of 研究 materials between organizations.


Explore our technology portfolio and contact us for additional information.